Chocolate Protein Bars

These protein bars needed to be “Easterized” and I had just the silicone pan to do the job. I am one of the volunteer bakers at church and I’m prepping four dozen cookies and a loaf of bread for next weekend’s Palm Sunday service. The oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for church are certainly not what I can eat on my path to a healthier me. If you’ve ever baked holiday treats (well, any treats) for someone else, you know that you need something for yourself too. Otherwise, you’ll be hoarding your “gift” cookies and sneaking bites until you’ve eaten a half dozen yourself.

Because Jamie Eason’s Carrot Cake Protein Squares were so delicious, I thought I’d give her chocolate recipe a try! While these turned out great, I’d have to say that I still prefer the carrot version. The only substitute I swapped in her recipe was 4 oz. of pumpkin, rather than berries. You know that I tend to go with what is on hand.

You can find the recipe on’s website by clicking here!

Back to the kitchen I go! Barefoot and most certainly not pregnant!

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