Road Trip Series: Chocolate Protein Baked Bagels

On the Road Again, just can’t wait to get that song out of my head again.

We have seven weeks until our big road trip to Disneyland and I am vowing to be ready ahead of time. I hope, no I plan to have all my food prepared for the trip and frozen ahead of time if possible. One of the newest menu items for our trip? Chocolate Protein Baked Bagels.

Let me give you a heads up before I continue on, these are not bagels folks. These are dense protein muffins baked in a donut pan. If you are looking for a 400 calorie bagel and cream cheese combo that will send your blood sugar soaring and then crashing, hit Noah’s Bagels (or your local equivalent). These are a substitute for those looking to stay satiated and keep the calories low and the fiber high.

In other words, don’t serve this at your Easter brunch.

This recipe comes again from DAMY Health. I mentioned that I wasn’t able to weigh myself or take measurements until day 15, which is today. Nervously, I stepped on the scale and was happily surprised with a 4.7 pound loss. Hurray! Only 0.3 pounds to go and I’ll have that supermodel body I’ve always wanted.Anyone wanna buy a bridge?

I’ve lost 5 pounds before. It is usually with Weight Watchers and usually takes me a month to six weeks to get the first five off. What I am loving about this time around is how different I feel. Losing weight by eating clean and exercising more feels totally different from dropping pounds through Splenda induced lattes and 100 calorie cookie packs. It is kind of hard to get used to eating so much protein, but I ain’t arguing with the scale!

I only made one recipe swap. Rather than smashed blueberries, I used applesauce. Well, I also used a donut pan. Two donut halves will make up one “bagel”. These taste really good with some whipped cream cheese in the middle too. If you want to use a light cream cheese and whip it yourself, you can really get more cheese for your calorie. This also gives you the option of adding flavor.

My friend Jessica brought light cream cheesed mixed with stevia, Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter and uh…shoot…maybe something else, I’ll have to ask. Anyway, she brought it to share with fellow moms last week and it was amazing!

Happy bagel baking! If you don’t have a bagel pan, you can buy one on Amazon for less than $10. DAMY Health has a blog with tons of tasty recipes, including the chocolate muffin recipe used to make these bagels.

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