Root Beer Milk

Ready for a treat? Try Root Beer Milk! I was born in 1977, but have read that a bit before that, root beer flavored milk was readily available. Am I wrong? I remember a friend trying it at a small creamery and it just did not sound appealing. Fast forward to life with a four-year old, BAM-O, root beer milk sounds genius.

I don’t really know why I took a scary picture of this drink. There is nothing scary about root beer milk, please don’t worry. It won’t turn your glass into a skull. Unless of course, you bought a skull glass in Las Vegas like I did.

So,You can probably figure out the first two ingredients in this recipe. In case you are a little, uh…not fast, I’ll tell you.

Root Beer and Milk. Equal parts of each.

You could drink it now, but you’d find that it really sucks. So, you need to get all Kool-Aid¬†ghetto and dump in sugar. A decent amount of sugar. I would say a quarter to a third cup for each¬†battle of Root Beer. I know, it’s a lot. The result is fantistic, though!


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