Saturday Lunch and Matinee

My kids just woke up from really, really long naps (it’s almost 8 pm.) They had a rip roarin’ time with my aunt and cousins, while Jy and I went out on a date. That is our second date in a month, woo-hoo!

We didn’t have a lunch plan today, just thought we would check out what was near the movie theater we planned on seeing “The Big Year” at. Not feeling like your typical movie plaza fare, we popped into a restaurant named Tribu. The view from the sidewalk promised rice bowls and lots of meat. Deal sealed. There were a handful of other white folk in the joint, families sharing large plates and two flat screened tvs. Have you noticed the new flat screen trend in family eateries? Check it out…

Not in the running for any design awards.

Don’t worry, only one wall is orange.

I was really worried about the iced tea I had coming to me. The tap water tasted awful. Jy thinks I’m crazy, but I can seriously taste the difference between good and bad tap water. I wasn’t lovin’ it. The tea though, woo mama, that was tasty! I’d love to tell you what is in it, but this is all the menu describes:
So my tea and “other secret ingredients” tasted like southern style sweet tea mixed with an Orange Julius. Totally tasty!

Here is where the lunch got interesting. The waiter was trying to help us choose our meals and mentioned the popular dishes. None of the wait staff in this place speak loudly. He was mumble-whispering in a slight accent. I did gather the following, there was the white people BBQ chicken dish, the popular pork and the other popular pork WITHOUT pig ear. Come again? As in, the treat I would buy my dog, pig ear? Uh, I’ll take the earless dish.

Jy chose a steak dish with garlic rice. He is a steak whore, to put it nicely. My earless pig dish is named California Sisig (the California is code for picky white chicks) and offers this description: Grilled pork steak chopped and blended in a citrus-soy mixture. Topped with onions and minced jalapeno peppers. They really don’t want to let their secrets out, do they?

We both decided my plate was far superior to Jy’s. I am still not sure how to describe the flavor, it was like a teriyaki pork with a bit of sweet and a touch of vinegar. Not much help, am I? I sprinkled the peppers over the plate and it really added a nice kick. I would absolutely visit this place again. Wondering what type of food we ate? So were we! It wasn’t until I checked Tribu’s website that I learned that we ate Filipino food. Totally yummy and totally earless.

After lunch we headed to the theater to see Real Steel (the movie that has been described as the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot movie.) I loved it and absolutely recommend it to anyone. Some of the dialogue was a bit over the top, but at its core Real Steel was a heartwarming father and son sports movie. You know what really sent this theater visit over the top? They sold, get this…Starbucks and cotton candy. So serious and so wonderful.

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