She-Ra, Master of the Universe


Wait, how can She-Ra be Master of the Universe if He-Man was? And really, why were we not all a little smarter back then? Is He-Man the best name the cartoon writers could come up with? That’s almost as bad as Dog-Canine. Why wasn’t She-Ra named She-Lady or She-Woman? I think I’m really on to something here. or not.

I just had a few photos I thought I’d share. They have brought me joy and I thought they could deliver some to you as well. If they do not, you can always just have fun judging me.

– First up, top-left corner, the donuts made at Pier 39. Ah, heaven! I stayed on Earth however, as I didn’t start re-eating gluten until the next day.

– Next photo, 2 packages of boneless pork ribs cooked in a crockpot full of bbq sauce and apple juice. Easy-breezy cholesterol gonna make me wheezy.

– Third is Dallas working on his favorite new snack, Ants on “THE” Log. We were out of raisins, so his version is made with chocolate chips. I’ve always dreamed that Dallas would grow up to be a celebrity chef. Not a real, working chef who has to work on Christmas Eve and wakes up at noon. Just a celebrity chef. I think it’s in the works.

– Bottom left photo is a crowning moment in my journey through motherhood. Those aren’t carrots. That’s my two-year old passed out mid-Winnie the Pooh DVD, stained orange with Cheetos. Total artificial flavored awesomeness.

– The duck photo was taken at a local shopping plaza with man-hunting birds. They know when they see a toddler holding a white box, it means they are about to chow on some $1.98 duck seeds sold at the grocery store nearby. I’d say this was easily 1/3 of the ducks which would have eaten me and Max alive, had they been zombies.

– Lastly, Bob’s Gluten Free Bread Mix, once it found its way out of my garage sale bread maker. Holy heaven on a stick. It did not taste gluten free, but I know it was. Otherwise I’d be full of heartburn. It made up the second half of our meat/bread dinner. I kinda need to go veggie shopping.

Gotta hit the hay, it’s another big day of Kindergarten carpool and cleaning marker off the wall. G’night!

WAIT! I forgot the whole reason why I titled this post, She-Ra. I made some hard boiled eggs tonight and they turned out purrrrr-fect. No grey around the yolk, peeled like a dream. I felt like I could have conquered the world at that moment.


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