The Meal That Set Us Back $1.58 Per Person

┬áToday’s Shopping Trip Lollypops 1.32 2 lbs. Black Beans 2.24 1.2 lbs. Chocolate Chips 4.43 .5 lbs. Yogurt Pretzels 1.50 Almond Milk 2.50 3 Dozen Organic Eggs 2.97 Organic/Lactose Free Kefir 3.28 1+ lb. Cheddar Cheese 3.31 18 oz. Peanut Butter 2.50 Org. Agave Nectar (Maple) 2.99 Org. Agave Nectar 2.99 Pork Chops 2.01 8.5 […]

Devil On Horseback

I just learned about Devils On Horseback. Have you heard of these before? There are different combinations, but the main ingredients seem to always be bacon and dates. For those who don’t appreciate dates, prunes turn the appetizer into angels on horseback. Martha Stewart stuffs her dates with fancy cheese, while others opt for smoked …

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