Take Papa John Off of Speed Dial

Did you have a merry Christmas? Are you still busting out a sweet Hanukkah? Are your jeans feeling a little bit tighter? Yeah, me too.

Guess what I opened last night? A bodybugg! No, it’s not some kind virus or bed insect, it’s a vehicle to bring me to the land of bikini body.

Yeah, that is 66 year old Helen Mirren. You know the time to up the health ante has arrived, when you choose a body almost twice as old as your own to emulate. Now that I have a brother who works as a personal trainer, I have a direct line to free workout tips. *If he thinks otherwise, I will remind him how many nights I let him sleep on my floor, after he begged.

I gave Jy a sweaty stocking stuffer this year. He is now an official gym member. It took all that I had to not sign myself up as well. I know that I just can never make it to a gym with both boys. It’s easier to try to sneak in a shot of 30 Minute Shred during naps or head out for a walk after Jy gets home from work.

What the bodybugg does is manage calorie output. It is still up to me to manage calorie imput and log what I eat (bleh.) However, the awesomeness of the bodybugg occurs when I simply check my little Droid phone to see how many steps I have taken during the day, how many calories I have burned, how my workouts affect me after the fact, etc. The mumbo jumbo of the manual says:

The system records and analyzes physiological parameters, and uses algorithms to report daily movement, calories burned, degree of physical activity and steps taken.

This translates to “If you eat the number of calories you are supposed to, according to how many calories the bodybugg records you burning, you’ll go from J. Hud before to J. Hud after.”

I’ll talk more about the bodybugg as I get comfortable with it and learn the ins and outs.

For now, I want to move on to the foods that may be good for us to try and take in during this awkward mid-holiday week.

If you are still celebrating Hanukkah, you have license to eat a fried food for a bit longer. The rest of us are going to have to find a way to make it to Saturday night without further damaging our digestive systems or adding anything to our thighs that is not a new, frangranced lotion we got for Christmas.

What are you eating this week? It is easy to be tired of cooking right now and call a pizza to your door. Don’t do it! Do everything you can this week to make January 1st a bit easier. Yeah, I am totally talking to myself here.

Why not spend the next week making the best recipes of the year. Take 2011 out in gastro-style! Here are few sites that offer up 2011’s most popular dishes. Go visit and get inspired!

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Souther Living

Check out this New Year’s Day Black Eyed Pea Salad recipe!

Sunset Magazine

I think this might be the fourth time I’ll have to hit the grocery store this week. Obviously, I should be doing some better planning. Luckily, Jy is off all this week and I may be able to whip up some fun recipes to share with you. This week we will be going international in our Movies & Munchies segment. Mr. Movie Fuel will be talking about one of my all time favorite movies, Life Is Beautiful, I can’t wait!

Happy last week of 2011!

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