Thai Shrimp Bowl & $50 in Groceries Giveaway

New favorite find! I have no idea whether this product is called “Low-In-Carb” or “Let’s Skip the Sandwhich,” I’m assuming the latter. Either way, they are the first wraps I have found in a long time that are comprised of recognizable ingredients. I use them as tortillas too, as most store bought tortillas are full of trans-fats and chemicals. Bonus points for 60 calories and 7 grams of fiber.


If you are in the mood to make your own tortillas, I’ve got you covered too. Bring out your inner Mexican, girl! Or uh, boy!

Homemade Tortillas Homemade carbs, mmm.

Let’s talk dinner time, the best and worst time of the day.

Rarely do my family meals venture off the path of least resistance, (from the kids, that is). I tend to make meals that I know everyone will eat. Sometimes though, I get tired of it and willingly make two dinners, one for the kids and one for Jy and myself. If you are tired of eating all foods covered in cheese or with pasta, this recipe is meant for you.

I’m always willing to drop $8 on some type of rice bowl when I’m out. Why don’t I ever make my own at home? You just KNOW it’s going to be cheaper, often times you are missing that extra oomph of flavor though.

Enter in, Thai Shrimp Bowl, a dish for suburban folks with limited access to food which is not authentically Americanized. Mouthful? Yes, yes it is. Best part is that most of the ingredients can be used along with a couple eggs and some soy sauce to fry the kids (or picky spouse) up some fried rice.

This photo here is before Sriracha drizzle, which is totally essential by the way.

*DAMY friends, if you swap out the rice and peas for cauliflower and you’ve got yourself a DAMY approved recipe for meal 4!



Big props to Gina’s Skinny Taste for the original Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp recipe!


Take a peek at my photos from a fun little cooking night I went to, hosted by Shannon Moe Cooks. Our menu for the night:

Simple green salad with fresh squeezed citrus vinaigrette

Flank steak with annatto and honey sauce

Roasted chayote squash with avocado

Vegetarian (eggplant) meatballs with a romesco sauce

Sautéed rainbow chard with garlic and raisins


See that red on the steak? It’s from annatto, which I totally can’t wait to get my hands on and blog about. You may recognize the chayote from my Thanksgiving practice table too, new and fun! I’ve given my taste buds a venture out of my suburban lifestyle lately, and it has been tasty!

Ok, so the real reason you read this post. I want to give someone $50, scratch that, Fresh & Easy wants to give someone a $50 gift card to buy some groceries.

All you have to do is tell me who you are thankful for this year. That’s it! Leave me a comment below and you are entered into the giveaway! You have until this Tuesday at midnight to enter. Let’s get to thankin’ friends, hurry up, or I will cut you. I. will. cut. you.





14 thoughts on “Thai Shrimp Bowl & $50 in Groceries Giveaway”

  1. LOL well I was going to write how thankful I am for family but before I include you in that can you step away from the knife?!

    I am thankful for all of my family and friends. I am especially thankful of people who are kind, generous, and thoughtful of each other. These are the ones who don’t make judgements on first impressions and who give can give a stranger the benefit of the doubt, knowing that everyone has more than one story to their lives.

  2. You make me laugh.

    I’m thankful for my children getting healthy. And I’m thankful for the amazing doctors at UCSF.

  3. I am thankful for my family, especially my mom. They really helped me out through a hard time this year, and I don’t know what I would do without them!

  4. I am thankful for Food Bloggers and the response from readers who have tried the posted recipes. Being able to see actual photos of the finished products and told where the posted food ingredients can be purchased at is a time saver and convenience. I love, love creative and humorous food bloggers!

  5. I am thankful for my fertility doctor. That may sound silly but without him I would not have my gorgeous Kaili bear. After years of heartache, medicine, injectables, and loss he gave her to us,
    Ok I am also thankful for my husband who travels for work and works his ass off so I can pay the good DR. the big bucks and stay home to raise my love.
    And I can’t forget a shout out to all my fellow bloggers who give me something to read, learn and laugh from each day. Y’all need to post faster.

  6. You are a funny one! I am thankful for my baby (not so much a baby anymore) Carson. She is healthy and happy, keeps me on my toes everyday and she helps and motivates me to be the best version of myself.

  7. I’m thankful for my health and the health of others. It’s something we don’t often think of unless it needs improvement and is so often taken advantage of. It’s so hard to get up and be productive with your life without good health, and because of my health struggles I’ve learned the difficulties sickness can bring and I’m devoted to making every day a good day for my family.

  8. I am most thankful for my son and your brother! Two of three of the most amazing men in my life. This has been one of the most challenging years of my life, but your brother has stood by my side through it all and Brodie, well nothing quite like mother’s love for her son!

  9. I am thankful for the makers of Smirnoff vodka and my husband who makes me mixed drinks that leave me goofy and rolling on the floor while tickling the kids. Wish I could drink them for breakfast ;). What’s annatto?

  10. Yummy recipe! I went to school with Shannon Moe. I am thankful for my hubbie who works so hard and is such an even keeled person.

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