The Pictures Are Worth About Eight Words

Like moms around the world, when Dad isn’t home for dinner, breakfast will be served. And yeah, I know the photos still totally suck. I’m working on a camera. In the meantime, squint a little to make the pictures blog-worthy.

Ok, so back to dinner.

We had already ate Fresh & Easy’s pumpkin pecan waffle mix for breakfast. Wait, you get that we ate them as waffles and not as a mix, right? Just checking. So no syrupy dinner would do tonight. Instead,  I cooked up something nice, cheap and comforting for a breezy fall night while the hubs was in San Francisco, rooting on the Giants!

White potatoes are a treat in my house. We always have chocolate chips on hand and ice cream is often found freezing away, but white potatoes are rare. They are such a guilty pleasure! And, I’m talking russets here. Not even sure they are organic.

That was nice of her!

Dallas once kissed a tub of potato salad at Whole Foods and promised to marry it. He then cried as we walked away. Nope, not kidding. He cries for lots of reasons.

Max said he wanted to eat “All and lots and lots” of the roasted russets I threw in the oven tonight. They were topped with some olive oil, salt, pepper and dried rosemary before roasting at 400 degrees for 45 minutes. The three of us sat, eating our dinner of white carbs and ketchup.

So, what’s new around here? Well, we watched the debate and I can tell you that Max was not happy. Not happy at all.

Time out, Romney!!!

Another family favorite right now is the Costco pumpkin bread mix (again, baked, not in mix form). I combine the ingredients called for in my bread maker and voila, an hour later my family has a loaf of irresistible butt expantion, calorific seasonal bread.

Now, the phone photo you see above just does not give you the pumpkin bread sense you might get from a photo taken from a regular camera. However, my little Samsung will occasionally offer a seriously fine art inspired snapshot of a hard-boiled egg. Let me show you what my phone turned out after snapping a shot over the sink.

The intention of the photo was to show you how the high of being a pro-egg boiler quickly fades when the next batch have shells which crumble and crack. How funny is that photo? Ok, granted, it’s not exactly funny, but it does kind of crack me up. Oh. Oh. Oh, I am just. so. sorry for that.

Pinteresting, isn’t it?

I’ve been all over kitchen sink beauty via Pinterest. If I wasn’t out of honey, there would be a yogurt/honey/cinnamon/nutmeg mask on my face right now. And Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner? Yeah, my face smells like feet (a “pinner’s” description), but I have never found a toner that works as well as the organic, stinky stuff. The smell is gone once it dries, in case you are tempted to try it out!

My mom told me about brushing with some baking soda long ago, but Pinterest sparked my interest and got me to actually try my own mother’s advice. (Yes, it works).  I now also use the little orange box to whiten my nails!

Wanna follow me around Pinterest? Hit the red button on the right and choose some boards to follow. These recipes are found on the Beauty Baby board.

This is my latest Pinter-find, lip exfoliator! All you do, according to the blog That’s So Cuegly, is combine equal parts honey, olive oil and brown sugar. My second batch (because I’ve been luh-huving it) was made with coconut oil, which works too. Rub a dab on your kisser, smack your lips together and back and forth a time or two, then rinse or wipe off. Give it a go, you’ll be glad you paid some attention to your neglected pout!

Second up, smooth leg city.

It looks a heck of a lot like the curd I made this summer.

This recipe however, slims you down (technically). It’s for leg shaving! Let me warn you up front to not swap your sugar out for salt. Ouch. I didn’t make that mistake, but it makes me feel like a responsible adult to warn everyone else.

Thanks to One Good Thing By Jillee for this leg/life changing tip. No exaggeration either! I knew I had to give it a try after reading the 100 positive comments on Jillee’s blog.

All you need is sugar, oil and citrus juice. Visit One Good Thing for the complete recipe. I’d love to post it here, but plagerism just ain’t cool.

As I have told you before, my mom starts much advice with, “Do yourself a favor”. So ladies (and some gents?) do yourself a favor and try this! Your legs will give your baby’s butt a run for it’s money. Or, for it’s diaper, since your baby’s butt most likely has no money.


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