Thursday Night No Fussin’

We’ve been a bit short on time around here lately. Now that I am back in school and trying to keep up a regular exercise schedule, dinner seems to be one of the first things to get thrown out the proverbial window. While it isn’t the a photo you’ll see popping up in Gourmet magazine anytime soon…(Ha! Jokes on you, Gourmet is out of print), I can promise you this chicken is so juicy and flavorful, it is magazine worthy.

I’d love to tell you it’s my mom’s secret recipe, but that would be a fib. Everyone knows my mom’s recipe is more about baking chicken into jerky and hiding the shreds with white rice and bbq sauce. Sorry mom, the secret is out!

This chicken, all five pounds of it (including bones), carrots and potatoes only needed the following to create a super easy, fuss-free, weeknight dinner.

2 Tablespoons olive oil

1/4 cup white wine

one packet of all natural seasoning from McCormick. 99 cents at Fresh & Easy. Yes, you could make it yourself, but it ain’t Sunday, honey and frankly, no one cares. No long term marination needed. The packet suggests 3 pounds of chicken, but I went for the gold and got some bang for my buck. By the way, this dinner is a total two-shirter. This means I went through TWO t-shirts after eating one stinkin’ chicken leg. Two juicy and greasy splatters of melted chicken fat and olive oil and multiple sprays of Shout. Use a bib.

While on the topic of F&E, I shall now express one concern in video form. Get my Emmy ready.



And then here are my sensitive kids wanting nothing more to do with my video.

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