Wedding Joy and Some MVPs

We were guests at the beautiful wedding of Jy’s cousin and his bride this weekend. I blame the rise of the scale on that cocktail you see in the photo above.

It totally couldn’t be because I ate this whole plate of food (plus a serious brunch feast at a party in the morning and lunch at my sister in-law’s baby shower in the afternoon), right?

Our self portrait. I had to sneak my mom’s bracelet into the photo. Not that sneaky, was it?

Jy and his four brothers. From the top left: Jy, Holt, Sonny. Bottom Left: Lonnie, Faith and Don. Faith is Don’s wife and I jokingly told her that being in the photo made her the girl their mom had tried repeatedly for. When people ask if I plan to try for a girl, I laugh and think what life would be like with five boys! One of my favorite brother stories Jy has told me is about the time he was forced to stop wrestling in the pillow-padded room that he was playing in. Lonnie had ran into the wall and couldn’t see for a minute. Yeah, that’s life with boys for ya!

After a crazy Saturday, I woke up early to take Dallas out to breakfast with his buddies he met as a baby. They are all within 4 months of each other and have been playing together for over four years. I have a photo of Dallas and I from our breakfast morning, but I don’t think I’ll be publishing a nice bloated photo of me on the internet, gracias.

Wanting to reel it in, I made one of my favorite dishes, eva. Jamie Oliver’s Asian Chicken Noodle Broth. The post I wrote about this recipe is my second most popular. At least two people a day find my blog because of it. I hate the original photo, so this was an opportunity to redo!

My number one most popular recipe, thanks to Pinterest is Hawaiian Dip. Somehow, this dip got legs. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever made. Sure, it’s fun, but I would suggest a few other things first. You can’t look a gift horse in the mouth though, and bringing 200 new viewers a DAY to my blog earns Hawaiian Dip an MVP (most valuable post) award.

This dip could NOT be easier to make!

  • 8 oz. cream cheese softened
  • 2 1/2 cups sweetened coconut (I prefer flaked over shredded)
  • 20 oz. can pineapple (chunks or crushed)
  • nuts or cherries to top dip with

Blend all ingredients together in food processor to crush up pineapple and coconut pieces. Refrigerate at least 30 minutes before serving. I think it tastes great with Trader Joe’s Pita Crackers, but I am sure there are plenty of dipping options you can find!


I’ve had readers tell me they have tried fresh pineapple, all the juice in the can, no juice in the can and it all works! My favorite dipping suggestion thus far has been graham cracker sticks!

Most popular post #3: Midnight In Paris post

One of my FAVORITES:

The pre-gluten free days of yore. Sigh.

Number five always throws me for a loop. Can you believe that 2 people a day, EVERY DAY, google the term, “confused Asian” and wind up at my page about Pho. It’s all for a photo of Jackie Chan.  

Next up, Moneyball and Garlic Fries.

Going down the list:

One that you MUST try:

It’s ok if it’s ugly, it’s healthy and tastes good.

That’s enough for one day and it’s time to run to the store. It’s 5:20 pm and there is no dinner in sight. Nice, eh?

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