Weelicious Nut Crusted Fish

I bought a zillion-pack of Tilapia from Costco last week. I didn’t freeze smaller portions of the pack, as I should have. So, I found myself with 12 or so pieces of fish that needed to be cooked, pronto!

I always trust Weelicious.com when it comes to kid-friendly food, the kids almost always gobble up anything inspired by one of my top ten favorite recipe sites. Unless I make chewy granola bars with chocolate chips, then I eat them before the kids figure out I’ve baked anything.

Nut Crusted Fish Strips are super simple, with light flavor. Dallas thought we were having chicken strips, so the appearance deserves some applause as well.  I ate some left over turkey meatballs while the kids (and the husband) ate the little fishies. I needed to get the darn balls out of the fridge and they were just way to spicy for the kids. After setting my tongue on fire with meatballs, I tasted a bite of Max’s fish to test how well the recipe came out. I might as well have taken a bite of a potato, I couldn’t taste anything at that point! So, the next afternoon, I had some for lunch. I think that statement goes to prove what a great recipe this is. Any crusted fish that can be microwaved and eaten the next day and still taste good, well…that’s just a recipe for pigs flying, right there.

To check out this recipe, head over to Weelicious and print. You’ll want this for your recipe file! The only change I made was with the bread crumbs. I toasted two pieces of wheat bread and blended them up along with the nuts.

We are on the last day of eating what is on hand before I head out for another big shopping trip. I’ve gotten pretty inventive these past few days and have started to actually use the staples I stock up on. Tonight’s dinner for the boys includes brown rice with red & white kidney beans sautéed in carrots that I bought about 3 weeks ago (shhh!), some ground turkey meat with seasoning and some cheese on top. Just call tonight’s dinner, crappy Scrappy-Do!

I don’t eat carbs at dinner now, so I am not sure what I’ll make for myself. But it probably involves Tilapia. Yesterday, the boys had mock sushi for dinner, I should have taken a picture, they loved it. I puffed up some Tortilla Land wheat tortillas, smothered them with a mild flavored guacamole (made from 2 avocados, garlic, salt, pepper and lime juice), and loaded the inside with balsamic flavored fish, sautéed spinach, red bell pepper and rolled them tight. Talk about taking a chance, right? They loved them, sometimes I just never know what is gonna fly and what isn’t.

Did you know I don’t have a grill? It is almost grilling season and our big, fat, bbq died a couple years back. I won’t go another summer without bbq, people. I just won’t! Better get back in the kitchen and keep working on our gourmet hodge podge. See you tomorrow, when it is FRIDAY!

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