We’re Back!

What a wonderful vacation  trip to Disneyland my family had! This was the first time my children surprised me with normal, human behavior on the long drive. We left for Southern California early last Sunday morning, which I believe helped the drive go by quicker. Coming home at eleven in the morning on Friday made for a seriously long trip home, but at least the kids had eaten and were sleepy enough for a nap.

I’m excited to do a post about Disneyland tips. Once I’ve caught up on laundry that is. Who can wait twenty years, though? I guess I’d better just do it tomorrow. There was so much packing ahead of time and with two days of rain forecasted in a sunny week, I just wasn’t exactly sure what to bring. Turned out I’d need more pants, more sweatshirts and perhaps an extra tank top or t-shirt as well. Southern California is so strange. I’ve always loved going down there, but this was the first time I was really excited to leave. The traffic is just too stressful at my old age of 34.

With all the time spent packing, I wasn’t able to make protein bars or pack some of the other types of foods I planned to tote along. I quickly learned that it doesn’t matter how healthy of a choice you make, if you eat out on a daily basis, especially for more than one meal…you are going to be loaded with sodium.

I totally caved twice. The first was with Dallas’ “free” Cold Stone mini ice cream cake. I normally don’t care for red velvet, but this cake was topped with ice cream and whipped cream ciphered straight from a heavenly cloud. Needless to say, I ate more than I should have. There was also the dinner at Ariel’s Grotto with family style appetizers (including lobster salad, cheeses and dried fruit) as well as a heavenly platter of desserts.

I was seriously feeling it the next day. I plugged my BodyBugg into the computer when I got home and learned that I averaged about 12000 steps a day and burned between 2800 to 3500 calories on average. I did my strength workout Monday and Wednesday, but passed out when I got home Friday. Otherwise, exercise only took the form of walking.

With all those calories burned, I came home 1/2 pound heavier. Disneyland can now also be referred to as Sodiumland. 

Turkey, black beans and quinoa with feta on kale salad. Jealous? Didn’t think so.

Back to the workouts as of yesterday and back to complete coherence (is that the right term?) with the DAMY Health plan.

To see our family photos from the trip, head over to our family blog at http://www.dallasrocco.blogspot.com

Happy to be back and sharing the food love!



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