What $125 Buys at Costco

Not that much, right? The spaghetti squash is not included in this trip, it was just on my counter and snuck into the photo. So let me start by saying that I didn’t think our grocery bill would grow too fast after having kids. I figured we had a few years before kids really affected our food costs. I mean, how much can a four and a one year old eat? Apparently, a freakin’ lot!

This Costco trip was really just to grab meat. If you don’t already know, meat is the cheapest at Costco. Especially organic meat. The three pack of organic ground beef in this photo? It costs $13.99 at Costco. The same three packs would cost $22.47 at Safeway. The same brand, just totally inflated Safeway prices. Same with the organic chicken thighs, which sell for $3.99 a pound at Costco. Did you know that chicken breast is just more fashionable right now? There is no difference in meat quality or nutrition between the breast and the thigh. Although, I do tend to see a little more skin or fat in my thigh packs. Organic breast at Safeway is $8.99 a pound, that makes my choice nice and easy!

Canned pumpkin and organic sausage costs about 30% less at Costco than any large supermarket. For produce and dairy, you’ll typically find a 30% to 50% price cut at Costco as well.

You know how you won’t save money by shopping at Costco? By checking out all the other fun stuff! Paper goods are Costco’s biggest money maker and it is tempting to stock way up on paper towels, I know!

Check out Amazon.com and the Subscribe & Save program. If you are a student or a parent, you might qualify for Amazon Prime, which offers free, two day shipping on all prime-eligible products (which most are.) You’ll be able to score paper towels and toilet paper for 30% off and have a gigantic box delivered right to your door as often as you choose. This is how we get our diapers and wipes too.

Can you see the tortillas in the photo? Holy guacamole, frijole. Have you had these? They are uncooked tortillas (I choose the flour ones) from Tortillaland. They need about 90 seconds on a hot pan and they bubble up and brown just like the Mexi-ones my Nana (as in Tijuana) used to make. Ok, gotta stop and add that Nana has the same a sound as does Tijuana. Not to be confused with Nana (as in banana) and certainly not to say that Nana had anything in common with Tijuana. Anyhow, they are totally worth trying.

Now, I have never tried Saigon Cinnamon WTH is that? What’s next, Ho Chi Minh City Pepper? I’ll let you know what the extra Saigon flavor is.

So, that’s my Costco trip for today. Notice that this does not include any milk, cereal, nuts or other foods we devour during the week? That is because I’m sure I’ll have to hit another store in a couple days or so. Just realized, I’m out of eggs, make that in one day or so. I’m restarting my couponing game, but until I’m all up and running, my debit card hurts!

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