What I Have Cooked Today

Nothing. Woohoo! I made my breakfast yesterday and the boys had cereal for breakfast. My mom even brought Dallas’ lunch to school for me. I thought instead of a recipe today, I would share some mind-blowing food information. Now, please realize that I was being a little sarcastic. If this post does happen to blow your mind, you may want to consult a neurologist about your brain, as it may have some issues.

First, I will say thank you to the lovely Noreen for inspiring this post. She mentioned her fruit bowl this morning and it was like I just witnessed the invention of sliced bread. How in the world had I forgotten about a fruit bowl? Why do I keep my fruit in places that are impossible for my kids to reach? Why are the items most accessible to my children raw eggs, condiments and crumbs on the kitchen floor?

I decided to follow in Noreen’s footsteps and put out a bow. Before I could bring myself to place anything nice on my table, I knew what would have to come first. I needed to clean our wooden beast. I’m not talking about clearing clutter or doing a hefty wipe down with a sponge. No, my table had serious problems. This table is a bit of a food hoarder. He grabs anything my kids may drop or spill and hangs on to it for dear life. No amount of toothbrushing can pry all the crusty food from my monsterish table.

In comes David. Not my dad David, I’m talking about the biblical David. Specifically David as he takes on Goliath. With God on my side, I knew I could bring this table DOWN! (Plus, I had visited Home Depot last night and bought specific weaponry.)

With a wet steel wool #000, a bin of HOT soapy water and a spray bottle of Orange Glo, I scrubbed, wiped and polished while my kids blew up the kitchen with playdough.

And do you see that? It’s my fruit bowl! The only fruit I have at home that does not NEED to be refrigerated right now are a bunch of apples. They taste better cold, but I need something in my fruit bowl. Which is also why I have magically morphed the basket into a snack bowl! Why not put out food we can all grab? You guys, I feel like I just got an engineering degree from a school that you tell other people about, using three letters. The only one I can think of is MIT, soooo….anyway.

I’ve got the pretzels I really want to get rid of, pumpkin seeds and apples on display. The pretzels may have to be snuck into a trail mix or something. Funny, I remember the kids losing their brains over the BOX of pretzels, why won’t they eat them?! ACK!

In an effort to continue making kitchen life easier, I plan on using the weekends to buy and prep foods I want to always have at home and ready.

  • roasted turkey, ham or chicken
  • cut up fruit
  • roasted, grilled or cut veggies
  • granola
  • oatmeal cooked for weekday breakfasts
  • turkey meatballs

What do YOU do to make eating easy and healthy during the week? I’d love to hear!

Oh, the other new thing I am doing is putting straws in my water cups. For some reason, the magic of a straw helps me drink twice as much water. Which, as we know is still not enough, but 36 ounces a day is better than 12. I’m working on it! Happy Tuesday friends!

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