What You’ll Find on my Phone

I haven’t backed up all my photos or my phone and I’m trying to do so before I get taught a lesson. There are tons of food photos on my phone, as now everyone reminds me to, “Take a picture for your blog!” I wish I would have had my phone or camera yesterday, during a MOMS club event. We made friendship soup, which is sometimes called stone soup too. Everyone brings an ingredient and we all take home some of the final product. Great idea and no camera.

I’ve been cooking up a storm this morning, but I made recipes you have seen before! Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Whole Wheat Muffins for the kids. Cherry Pie Lara Bar for me. Lots of other boring numminoes. Maybe you will have more fun with some of the interesting finds found on my phone: 

1. Conundrum 2010 California White Wine – Nice and crisp. Yums.

2. Ken, posing in the bathroom.

3. My Little Pony vs. Christmas Nativity (On Pay Per View)

4. Grape Nut Pudding. An East Coast thing?

5. Max chompin’ on a candy cane and the perfect napkin. (It reads: There is nothing a glass of wine and a flat iron can’t fix). True dat.

6. Jody’s stuffed tomato app.

7. Dallas pickin’ up a ‘Bux.

8. French Toast bread pudding, pre-DAMY.

9. Photo of Banh Mi from Bon’ Appetit. Drooly-wooly.

10. Max, keeping himself busy with Trader Joe’s White Bean Hummus. So messy and so delicious.

11. Breakfast at a local favorite, Denica’s. Egg white and spinach scramble with chicken sausage. So good.

12. More of Jody’s apps. Apricot stacks. Addicting.

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