Why You So Fresh? Why You So Easy?

It was 99 degrees at 7 p.m. this evening. I want to take this moment to thank God for inventing ice. So smart. I’ve been keeping myself busy with my school work and taking a class about teaching kids to read. Way more interesting than I thought it would be. ¬†Preschool graduation has come and gone and I’m birthing-hip deep in a home organization project. It’s more like a home-overhaul.

I’ve been seriously obsessing over www.iheartorganizing.blogspot.com and www.betterafter.blogspot.com

It all started when I pulled the crisper drawers out of my fridge and threw some child labor into action. I once accused my parents of having kids just so they’d have someone to clean for them. This is the year I confirmed that suspicion. Check out the battle my brave boys fought:

I gave one a box of baking soda and one a spray bottle of water and vinegar and let them go crazy until my husband got home to do the scrubbing. You can see the clean, albeit empty fridge in Wednesday’s post.

So there are lots of photos about to be shared in mediocre quality. I promise to stop with the phone photos. They look so much better on my phone screen!


The boys after hunting down…


The ice cream truck! Luckily Grandma had cash on her!


Dallas played with some of his best gal-pals and joined in with the princess fun. Great photos, not cool for me to post them. He will see them someday.


Next on the F&E to try list. I didn’t buy the bowl of rice, my family needs way more than that!

The last meal we ate was super good, I posted a photo on Wednesday, but it was a pretty bad one. Here’s are the components:

I mixed it up a bit and tried a wrap using F&E’s BBQ Chipotle dressing instead of hummus and threw in an avocado for good measure. This was a super easy dinner and I was sad when I ran out of ingredients after a lunch of leftovers the next day! ¬†I usually prefer to buy only raw chicken, but having the precooked chicken breast in my fridge was pretty darn nice on a 95 degree night!

More fun Fresh & Easy news, for $19.99, you can buy the only road to truly fresh coffee flavor, the French Press. My mom always warns me that my eyes will twitch if I use it, but I’m game. There are peely coupons on the side of the press for a free bag of coffee, I chose decaf mostly because I want to extend my coffee drinking into the evening. The party don’t quit over here. My husband said it’s not something to be happy about that my two year old can clearly say, “I wanna go Starbucks.” What can I say? He is my son.

So, if my dad is reading this, he should stop now. Also, you should all get a Snuggie on, because hell has frozen over. He can never remember the name of my blog! I grabbed him some of the wine below to add to his “French Father’s Day” gift of french bread, french salt and two fat cookbooks by Frenchy-foo-foo Dorie Greenspan. She’s not foo-foo, just her books. I’m hoping he’ll crack open the extra sweet F&E Chocolate Shop wine tomorrow night, I want to taste it! I took part in a fun F&E wine taste test and the people who had gone before me were raving about the Chocolate Shop wine. I just gots to get me a taste of the juice.

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